About cb45

About CB45 

  I founded the brand, cb45, which stands for continue believing, based on ethics that I strive to live my life by on a daily basis. My passion is to help others realize the importance of believing in yourself and in god. Through competition and life, there will always be hardships, but you must keep your faith in god and in yourself. Remaining hungry and humble will allow you to continue to push yourself through the hardships and your humility will be what gets you there. With this, you can get through anything life throws at you.

CB45 Founder

Alexander Johnson: CEO

 Alexander Johnson is the founder of CB45, and his journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. The biggest component that purpails Alexander throughout his journey of life, is being consistent in good or bad situations. Alexander is from Gainesville, Georgia, and grew up in Section Eight – the hood. Life in those early days built the capacity of mental toughness and resilience. With his determination to set life goals and pursue his dreams relentlessly. His number one goal was to make it to the NFL.

Despite the struggles he faced growing up, at the time it seemed to be normal day living. Alexander overcame them and became an all-American athlete for Gainesville High. He carried that success to the University of Tennessee, where he continued to shine as an All-American. But then life took an unexpected turn his senior year, when he was projected to be the number 1 inside linebacker in the 2014 NFL draft.

His name got tarnished and he found himself sidelined for four years. All of his hard work seemed so far away and he had to work hard to regain his reputation. What was instolde in him as a kid had to flourish, in this time of the unknown.

But he refused to give up. Alexander held onto his dream, and in 2019, the Denver Broncos gave Alexander an opportunity. He made a significant impact, establishing himself as the number one run stopper in the NFL and the second-best off-the-ball coverage linebacker in the league.

Life is full of ups and downs, and he experienced his share of setbacks too. He suffered a peck injury that set him back. His first major injury that caused him to miss games in his football career. He didn’t let it define him. Johnson then found himself with the Seattle Seahawks, where he played a few games and helped the team in their playoff push.

Those four years away from football were not ideal but he still pursued his goals relentlessly. He worked 9-to-5 jobs, first at John Deere and later as a radiological control technician. He also became a personal trainer. Alexander knew he had to stay in shape, so he worked out twice, sometimes three times a day. While believing and trusting in God, and practicing consistency and persistence in his work ethics. GodSpeed became a model he lived by.

During that time, he also indulged in his passion for the outdoors. Alexander embarked on thrilling adventures like snowboarding trips and hiking/camping the Grand Canyon. Countless outdoor adventures were embarked on during this time. Meditation and yoga became a strong practice for Johnson. Not knowing at the time, this essentially helped maintain a sound mind and body.

Throughout Johnson’s journey, His number one value is believing in yourself and trusting in God “El’Elyon”. With faith and determination, we can accomplish anything in life. Alexander’s story is one of resilience, perseverance, and embracing life’s adventures, and we hope it inspires others to do the same.

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