The Adventure

Venturing into the great outdoors has always been a part of who Alexander is. Growing up in Section Eight, he didn’t have the opportunity to learn about hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, or camping. However, his natural curiosity and love for the outdoors led him to explore and embrace these experiences.

Being in nature is more than just an enjoyable pastime; it’s essential for our well-being. The physical activity, fresh air, and breathtaking scenery all contribute to a sense of peace and rejuvenation that’s hard to find elsewhere. From hiking “14ers” in Colorado and the Grand Canyon, to kayaking down the Hoover Dam and running Mount Le Conte with his University of Tennessee team, he has had his fair share of thrilling adventures.

Adventuring isn’t limited to extreme activities; even simple outings like swimming or walking in nature can be refreshing and soothing for the soul. Alexander has had the privilege of introducing families to hiking for the first time, and witnessing the joy and tranquility they experience in the outdoors is truly rewarding.

Living in Colorado, he fell in love with the mountains and snowboarding, and this love played a significant role in his decision to join the Denver Broncos. Hiking 14ers became a regular part of his life, and he cherished the peaceful moments spent in nature during his time living in Denver.

Now back in East Tennessee, he finds solace and beauty in the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge. The natural landscapes, the lush trees, and the fresh air all contribute to a deep sense of well-being.

The benefits of spending time in nature are immense. It not only increases physical activity but also has a positive impact on our mental health. Lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity, and reducing stress and anxiety are just a few of the many advantages that the great outdoors offers.

Embracing adventure and connecting with nature has become an integral part of his life journey. Alexander is always encouraging everyone to step outside, explore the wonders of the world around us, and discover the joy that the outdoors has to offer. Nature has a unique way of nurturing our spirits, and every moment spent in its embrace is a gift to cherish.

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